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Jeans, you can’t have enough jeans in your closet, because there are a lot of different jeans.
Skinny, Jeggings, Boyfriend, Mom Fit, Bell-Bottom, High Waist, Cropped, Customised etc.

As I am not really a huge fan of basic, I want always something else, something different, something extraordinary.

So it was brain-storm time with Just Be Jolie, and they came up with some really awesome jeans!
But my eye felt on the Belinda Mauroy Embroided jeans from Lois! Just a little bit sad that it’s ‘Belinda’ and not ‘Linda’ – WINK WINK 😉

The funniest part of all is that I showed these jeans to my mother and she saw it immediately… LOIS! I had those jeans when I was younger. That is truly amazing though. And it’s true because Lois was established in 1962 and what I love the most, it’s a SPANISH brand! And you probably know that I lived in Spain for 3,5 years. That’s why I love the Spanish brand! Don’t forget that they were the first European jeans brand to conquer the world. They made a great start in the sixties but it wasn’t until the seventies that they truly flourished. They were worn by influential fashion icons and musicians and soon they were all over the dance floor.
Now I understand my mother! 😉 Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Spain is an important part of our heritage as well as our future. It is 
where we were born, raised and where today we are still made with 
love. Although Spanish blood runs through our veins, the Dutch have 
become an important part of who we are today. They have given us 
a new lease of life and the unique opportunity to co-create amazing 
new culture-blending stories and looks. By working closely together 
we have been reinvented and re-introduced. 

The fit of the jeans is great and what I love the most is the embroided party on the sight of the jeans.
You can mix all kind of styles with the jeans, from Chic to Classic, from Bohemian to Arty and from Romantic to Western. So these jeans fit every single girl!

At Lois we believe in a longer lasting wardrobe than that the fashion 
industry offers today. Instead of making our collections seasonal, we 
strive to create clothing that is wearable in every climate and season. 
By leaving the seasonal ‘label’ behind we stretch the lifecycle of our 
collections and suggest that our garments can be worn all year round. 
If you haven’t met us yet, you’ll be glad you did now. 

The new boyfriend fit “Belinda” holds the shape in the waist and hips, getting looser on the legs for a relaxed wear. Made in our 80s style fabric, the embroidery matches colours with the sky blue tones of this wash, and the bedecked side band emphasises your silhouette perfectly.

You can shop these jeans at Just be Jolie or online at

Lots of Love,



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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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