LindaStyleDiary – Por Arriesgarnos

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Por arriesgarlo todo amor
Por liberarnos y crecer
Por aventarnos y volar
Por eso y este gran amor
Y tú eres una bendición

Por todo lo que es mi verdad
Y porque ahora somos dos
Las almas se pueden juntar
Y los espiritus bailar, jugando a nuestro alrededor

Amemonos despacio sin excusas
Que tú y yo quisimos, ven detras de mí
No queda nada mas que amarte
Y si en todo apareces tu, no queda nada mas que amarte
Nada más que amarte

Amemonos despacio sin excusas
Que tu y yo quisimos, ven detras de mí
El alma estalla en mil pedazos si tú estás conmigo

Y de tu mano aprenderé
Que mis sentidos sean tu voz
A darte fuerza y no caer
A que mi hogar sea tu piel
Ya que tu vida es mi razón

Por intentarlo todo amor
Por liberarnos




Lots of Love,



LindaStyleDiary & Lois

Jeans, you can’t have enough jeans in your closet, because there are a lot of different jeans.
Skinny, Jeggings, Boyfriend, Mom Fit, Bell-Bottom, High Waist, Cropped, Customised etc.

As I am not really a huge fan of basic, I want always something else, something different, something extraordinary.

So it was brain-storm time with Just Be Jolie, and they came up with some really awesome jeans!
But my eye felt on the Belinda Mauroy Embroided jeans from Lois! Just a little bit sad that it’s ‘Belinda’ and not ‘Linda’ – WINK WINK 😉

The funniest part of all is that I showed these jeans to my mother and she saw it immediately… LOIS! I had those jeans when I was younger. That is truly amazing though. And it’s true because Lois was established in 1962 and what I love the most, it’s a SPANISH brand! And you probably know that I lived in Spain for 3,5 years. That’s why I love the Spanish brand! Don’t forget that they were the first European jeans brand to conquer the world. They made a great start in the sixties but it wasn’t until the seventies that they truly flourished. They were worn by influential fashion icons and musicians and soon they were all over the dance floor.
Now I understand my mother! 😉 Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Spain is an important part of our heritage as well as our future. It is 
where we were born, raised and where today we are still made with 
love. Although Spanish blood runs through our veins, the Dutch have 
become an important part of who we are today. They have given us 
a new lease of life and the unique opportunity to co-create amazing 
new culture-blending stories and looks. By working closely together 
we have been reinvented and re-introduced. 

The fit of the jeans is great and what I love the most is the embroided party on the sight of the jeans.
You can mix all kind of styles with the jeans, from Chic to Classic, from Bohemian to Arty and from Romantic to Western. So these jeans fit every single girl!

At Lois we believe in a longer lasting wardrobe than that the fashion 
industry offers today. Instead of making our collections seasonal, we 
strive to create clothing that is wearable in every climate and season. 
By leaving the seasonal ‘label’ behind we stretch the lifecycle of our 
collections and suggest that our garments can be worn all year round. 
If you haven’t met us yet, you’ll be glad you did now. 

The new boyfriend fit “Belinda” holds the shape in the waist and hips, getting looser on the legs for a relaxed wear. Made in our 80s style fabric, the embroidery matches colours with the sky blue tones of this wash, and the bedecked side band emphasises your silhouette perfectly.

You can shop these jeans at Just be Jolie or online at

Lots of Love,



LindaStyleDiary loves Ibiza


As you have already read once,

But to be honest, Ibiza is quite nice!

You see so many different people;
From Hippies to Gold diggers
From Gold diggers to Entrepreneurs
From Entrepreneurs to Lazy People
From Lazy People to Party People
From Party People to Couples
From Couples to Single People
From Single  People to Happy Families
The Bloggers and Influencers
The Rich & Famous
You’ll find it all on Ibiza!


Would you like to know where to stay on Ibiza?
Go to Platja d’en Bossa!

Ibiza is famous of their parties!
You have to visit Ushuaia, Pacha, Amnesia and Lío!

Don’t forget the Hippie Market!

Beach clubs during the day are just perfect for relaxing!

Cala Bassa Beach Club Ibiza (CBbC)
Tropicana Beach Club
Nassau Beach Club Ibiza
Blue Marlin Ibiza
The Harbour Club Ibiza
Malibu Beach Club

Although I just mentioned a few Beach Clubs you will find many more on this amazing island!

If you are on Ibiza, you have to go to the island Formentera!
You’ll find  a lot of ferries who will bring you there or you can rent a yacht!

You can find the typical dinners and drinks in Eivissa Old Town!

Lots of Love


Lindastylediary loves Barcelona

If someone would ask me to go to Barcelona today, I will go immediately with no doubt! This city has it all!

Great atmosphere, kind people, lovely weather, delicious food, amazing shops, good party places etc. etc.
As you can read in one of my previous blogs about Palma de Mallorca, you probably know that I am in love with Palma. Palma is small Barcelona. So that means that this is bigger and greater!!

Barcelona is great because it has a beach and great party places.
Long weekend is perfect. Arriving on a Friday and leaving on an early Tuesday morning.

Arriving on a Friday is always good…. Taxi to the hotel, shower and put some nice clothes on and go out for dinner and party.
OK, the hangover on Saturday morning will join you as well but no worries… Lot of coffee and breakfast places on every corner of the street.

Saturday is good for sightseeing; Sagrada Familia Park Güell, Casa Batlló, Camp Nou, Montjuïc, La Rambla and end up in the area ‘Barri Gòtic.
Have a good glass of wine with tapas and enjoy the people, the food and the weather.

Saturday night, go to Barceloneta (beach) and you’ll find bars and clubs.

Sunday…. Relaxing on the beach! Please keep in mind that it’s Sunday for the locals as well. So if you want to be sure of a sunbed put your alarm early and go sleeping on the beach!

Good and fancy restaurants: Llamber Taberna Gastronomica,Mont Bar, Tapas 24 and Bodega 1900.

Monday is shopping time!!!

Lots of Love,


Lindastylediary in Majorca

Let me introduce you Majorca. This island is special for me because I used to live there. It’s such a beautiful place and just a 2 hours’ flight from Amsterdam.

My story started there in 2009, a traineeship in Tourism for only 6 months. I started to love this island and the Spanish people. Although, Majorca isn’t that Spanish, it looks like a German or English island because of the Germans or English people who are living there.

After I finished my study, I decided to move to Majorca. I lived there in 2010 and 2011.

Decided to go back to The Netherlands due to missing my family and friends. It was a great experience though.  Once in a while I go back to this special place, every summer and some weekends during the year.

To go back to Majorca is possible because of my lovely parents. This year, beginning of the summer I planned to visit my parents. Normally I go there for 2,5 weeks but this year it wasn’t possible due to my work. Yes, probably you cannot believe it but I am a Financial Credit Analyst for an American company and with the quarter ending in June it was hardly possible to go. But I planned it just for a week now.

And yes, what a surprise. My dear boyfriend was coming for 4 days. Yes, that’s quite short but at least he was there with me to enjoy the lovely weather, beautiful beaches and delicious food.

Arriving early on a Friday morning? Go for lunch to Puro Beach and enjoy the sun on a sunbed. Go for a nice dinner on Friday evening to Las Terrazas del Bendinat, Portals Nous .

To have a lovely lunch and swim on a Saturday? Go to Gran Folies.To party on a Saturday night? Go to Pacha Mallorcaa. To rest and enjoy the day after, on a Sunday, go to Nikki Beach Mallorca. If you would like to know more about places in Majorca, please contact me on the contact button in my main menu.

Lots of Love,