LindaStyleDiary’s Red Panther Look

I am in love with different styles, anything except basic! Because the world is already basic enough.

I love different brands, it doesn’t really matter which brand, if it looks stunning I will wear it! It’s all about how to combine the fashion items. You can wear a basic black pants but it’s all about styling.

This time I chose for some items from Modemusthaves.
I felt in love with their Red Panther top.

I have chosen for size M because I am not a big fan of tight clothing.
I combined this top with their ‘Button on the Pants‘ jeans.

As you probably already know, I love hats. This top fits perfectly with the
Fisherman’s Hat

Because summer is almost here and this is a little bit too much black I have chosen for my white Isabel Marant sneakers with a red colour on the back. Here online you see the black/white version. Unfortunately, I can’t find the Red/White edition anymore online.

Of course, my nail colour is white as well. The best white nail colour is the one from OPI.

Here in Rotterdam, it can be a little bit windy, so sometimes you need to wear a jacket. I didn’t want to wear a black jacket, I have chosen for the silver/glitter fluffy jacket from Zara.

To finish this look I am wearing a little scarf from Kenzo.

Lots of Love,



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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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