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As you probably know, I am not a huge fan of fake stuff regarding beauty. I don’t have gel nails, no extensions, no fake lashes etc. etc. but of course, I like to take care of myself and using good shampoo, good moisturiser, good make-up etc.
I am not colouring my eyebrows or lashes because my lashes are black and my eyebrows have a good colour mixing with my hair, because blond hair with truly black eyebrows doesn’t really look good right?


So this time I had the change to try Beautylash, it’s a yourself colour kit for your eyebrows and lashes.
Gosh, I was nervous!


BeautyLash is produced by the Austrian corporation GWCosmetics, a company full of tradition that has been producing hair tints and hair cosmetics of high quality for over 80 years.

For over 50 years our eyelash- and eyebrow tints have been successful worldwide and have become the international standard for professional tinting and care. The unique effect of RefectoCil has made the product a success internationally – in over 65 countries – and the brand has become the leading brand for eyelash and eyebrow tinting worldwide.

Trend scouting, state of the art formulas, and a creative research and development team are the pillars of the “Private Label Production” of GW Cosmetics. As a full service partner we offer everything from concept realisation to product development to packaging design and marketing support, and we can generate innovative product solutions for your target group. GW Cosmetics is testified as a reliable, competent and dedicated full-service partner for years.

Master Lin, GW Cosmetics’ luxury cosmetics line, is a range of natural cosmetics based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). High quality ingredients like Fine GoldPearl, and hand-picked herbs create harmony between inner well being and outer appearance.

All GW Cosmetics products are produced according to the quality standards of “Good Manufacturing Practice”, GMP.


And there we go, like I told you before I was really nervous because I am not really a make-up or hair artist, not styling my hair of doing my make-up in hours… no I am a girl how quicker the better.
So that’s why I was a little nervous, but after all, it was quick and easy! There were two instructors to help us, so that was a great help. I told them… OK I don’t want to have the black colour please…. But she told me that would be very nice! So I did a mix, between middle brown and black!

But next time I will just choose middle brown because I am not really a big fan of blond hair and dark eyebrows.

A before and after pic.


It’s was really nice to do this test and I am really happy, so girls, don’t spend so much money on this at a beauty salon, you can do this by yourself with BeautyLash!

Shop the products here! 

Lots of Love,






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