Well done, you managed to lose her. The one woman who was willing to cross oceans for you.

You pushed away the very person who would do almost anything to be with you. She never asked for anything except one reason to stay, proof that you wanted her and that there would be a future for you both. Alas, you failed to provide that and now, she’s gone.

She didn’t care that you weren’t rich or that you didn’t drive a fancy car, all she wanted was to be your lady. She didn’t care that you had flaws because she had flaws of her own. Weeks of spending time together made her fall for you and yet you chose to remain blind to the fact that she chose you regardless of what her friends were saying. All she ever wanted was for you to return the love which she so freely gave to you.

All you had to do was treat her right, which you did. There was no need for diamonds and roses, candlelit dinners and expensive spoils. She was a simple girl with a big heart whose only desire was to be loved and respected. You loved the fact that you didn’t have to put in effort, you loved the fact that she chose you day after day. All she needed was for you to look at her the same way she looked at you. You became comfortable and that was your mistake. You decided to keep the walls you built around your heart up, never letting her in. You chose to keep her at arm’s length when all she did was ask that you let her in.

She gave you the key to her heart and you chose to take it without anything in return.

You loved the fact that she stayed, even when you told her to go. Truth is, you were scared. Too scared to let her in, maybe it was because you felt vulnerable, or maybe it was because you had been hurt before. Even though she showed you time and time again that she was different, you chose to paint her with the same paint brush you used to paint the women of your past.

She made you a priority when all you did was make her one of your options.

When she gave you her hand you took her arm. You prayed upon her weakness for you and you ended up taking her for granted. She stuck by your side during the darkest of days. She remained faithful to the commitment she made to you, you didn’t care though because you never committed to her. Then, one day you told her to go and she decided enough was enough, she decided to leave forever. Without any contact on all fronts.

She stopped answering your calls, she stopped going to the places you used to go to. You lost her when you decided that she wasn’t good enough and you did that by choosing yourself time and again. Your lack of appreciation and gratitude for her became apparent after she realized that she was fighting for your attention. Well done, you managed to make a woman feel the sting of loneliness whilst in your company. The thing is, no woman will ever treat you the way she did.

She was one of a kind and you chose not to see that.

Now that she’s gone, you’ll be looking for her in every other woman you come across, only thing is, you won’t find her. She was unique, not only because of who she was but because of the way she chose to love you through thick and thin.



An Open, Heartfelt Letter To The Person Who Will Love Me Next

Dear future person who’ll love me next,

Whoever you are and wherever you are, I don’t know how or when our paths are going to cross, but I feel like I have to open my soul and share something with you.

I am not a person who lives a half-assed life.

Unlike most, I am someone who loves fully. Passionately, fiercely and deeply.

So, it won’t be easy, but I swear to you… it will be worth it.

Some have said to me that I’m a difficult person to love, but that is only because my love was too much for those people. Some of them were too afraid to accept my heart when I offered to give them. Some of them were too intimidated by my courage to risk everything in order to be with them.

But, I admit it, those were my mistakes. I went far out on a limb with my feelings. I believed someone would catch me, but the truth was… there was no one out there. So, I fell, and I hurt myself.

And that is why now, I’m guarded. It’s true… I don’t really trust people. It takes time for me to free myself and be exactly who I am in front of others. But, the one thing that has never changed, nor will it ever change, is the fact that I still love truly.

That part of me never died. I know the consequences of wearing my heart as a sleeve. But, I cannot love any other way.

I love deeply. I love hard. I love passionately. I love the right way.

The only thing I need right now is time.

So, please, be patient with me.

It will take some time for me to get to know you, to start trusting you, to undress my soul in front of you and give myself to you, but we will get there. If that is the same thing you want, I promise you, we’ll make it.

Because I want you. I want all of this. I want you and me forever. I want all of our dreams fulfilled. I want us to make it. I want us to experience the love people write books about. I want us to remember the story that we fought hard to be together. Because we deserve this chance. You and I deserve to love and feel loved. We owe it to one another.

The only thing you have to do is to trust me. Show me that I can trust you as well. Show me that I can be myself around you and I will let you explore the depths of my soul. I’ll let you touch those parts of me that I’ve been hiding for ages.

Show me that this is for real, and I will teach you to love your own demons and accept your painful past. Show me that you care, and I will do my very best to make you the happiest person alive.

I am not an easy person to love, but if you’re ready and willing to take this chance, I promise you won’t regret it. Just be there. Love me like you mean it. And, I promise I’ll love you even harder and deeper. I promise I’ll love in ways you never knew possible.

I am not an easy person to love, but if you are sure you want to start this journey together, I promise, your life will never be the same.

LindaStyleDiary loves Kappers Inc. Rotterdam

Isn’t it always difficult to find the perfect hairdresser?
Or you don’t like the result or you are just getting used to your own hairdresser to do some basic highlight or low-lights.

I found the perfect hairdresser in Rotterdam!
Kappers Inc. 

Kappers Inc Rotterdam is the lifestyle hairdresser of Rotterdam. Their salon is open every working day until 9 pm and on Saturday until 4 pm. A ladies and gentlemen’s hairdresser, even without an appointment …

The Hair Salon Rotterdam is known for its soothing ambiance, cozy atmosphere and professional hair stylists. In the summer the doors to their terrace will open and behind Kappers Inc Rotterdam a completely new world appears in the form of a lovely green lounge terrace where you can relax or relax in the sun before, after or during a treatment.

Interior is really really important because if they take care of that they will take care of you! 😉 and of course, the products and brands they use!
Please note that this isn’t a hairdresser like a really basic hairdresser.
because here they make you feel at home and really looking at you and say and advice what’s the best for you!


Lots of Love,



LindaStyleDiary – More than just a Picture

I can swear, I can joke
I say what’s on my mind
If I drink, if I smoke
I keep up with the guys
And you see me holding up my middle finger to the world
Fuck your ribbons and your pearls
‘Cause I’m not just a pretty girl’
I’m more than just a picture
I’m a daughter and a sister
Sometimes it’s hard for me to show
That I’m more than just a rumour
Or a blog on your computer
There’s more to me than people know
Some days I’m broke, some days I’m rich
Some days I’m nice, some days I can be a bitch
Some days I’m strong, some days I quit
I don’t let it show, but I’ve been through some shit
I’m more than just a number
I’m a hater, I’m a lover
Sometimes it’s hard for me to show
That I’m more than just a title
Or a comment going viral
There’s more to me than people know
Lots of Love,

LindaStyleDiary loves Hotel FRANQ (Antwerp)

Antwerp, just an one hour drive from Rotterdam.
But once you arrive you can’t compare this city with Dutch cities.
You really have the feeling that you are on holidays.
Beautiful city, lovely people and don’t forget the Flemish.
Yes, that reminds you that you are abroad.

But it’s not just that one hour drive, it starts to find the best hotel in the city center.
Don’t look further because if you are planning a citytrip to Antwerp,
you must book a room at Hotel FranQ.


It’s a brand-new luxury boutique hotel in Antwerp, next to the ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Kathedraal’ and the Meir.
And you know what? In the past, the building was a bank. You can still find the details in the cellar. For example, the big safe from this previous bank.

Hotel FranQ is a 4-star hotel which is located in the city center of Antwerp. You really can see that this hotel is brand new!
I am in love with this luxury boutique hotel.
Because, when I arrived at the hotel you really feel like a queen, the decoration, the design and the furniture, everything is just perfect!

They have 5 types of rooms:
Small Classic Room
Classic Room
Deluxe Room
Junior Suites
Luxury Suites

I chose the ‘Deluxe Room’

The Deluxe rooms do have extra-long king size beds. The Deluxe rooms are furnished with elegancy, all rooms have a desk, 48” smart TV, a minibar, air-conditioning, safe, bluetooth sound system and Wi-Fi. Ideal for guests who are looking for a warm and luxurious room.

Room with extra-long king size beds (180×210)
Twin beds available upon request
Extra bed can be placed into the room upon request
Free espresso, tea and water available
Rain shower and bath
Bath products of Elemental Herbology
Bath robes and slippers available

This room is absolutely stunning!

Restaurant FRANQ invites you to enjoy a contemporary French-Belgian cuisine at gourmet level. Their chef will spoil you with à la carte breakfast, delicious lunch or stylish dinner. Their team is always ready to make you enjoy tasty food. After a hectic day you can also enjoy these delicious dishes in your room.

Bar FRANQ serves the best wines, delicious cocktails and pure coffee or tea. In addition to these delicious drinks, they have a delicious assortment of finger food or sweet treats.

Personal attention and love for the subject is self-evident. The excellent service, individual approach and overall experience are paramount.

Is there something special? They invite you to have lunch or dinner in their sixteenth century ‘Den Dooren Boom cottage’ or in one of their other stately rooms.

They also have a lovely terrace outside where you can enjoy the sun with a good glass of wine or champagne.

Unfortunately, there was no sun for me but just rain.

Lots of Love,


LindaStyleDiary loves Haas op het Vrijthof (Maastricht)

A city trip, many people would like to go abroad but don’t forget about Maastricht!
This is one of my favourite cities in Holland because you feel like you are abroad!
The people are so kind and the food and drinks are fantastic.

But it all starts with a hotel first! Don’t look further because ‘Haas op het Vrijthof’ is the most amazing hotel in Maastricht! This luxury boutique hotel has it all!

Luxury in a House full of Wonder
Haas op het Vrijthof was built in 1920 and became the private residence of a well-established lady.  This Art Nouveau house is a serene home away from home, situated in the quiet corner of the main square in the rich centre of Maastricht. The mansion is a piece of design in itself with its own amazing character and style. For the interior the focus on functional aesthetics is based on vintage classics and typical Scandinavian furniture pieces. In combination with modern-day travel wishes, it all results in a unique house filled with a wonderful collection of design, friendly details and happy people.

A selection that adds to the experience
In their house, you feel you are not staying in a usual hotel. It is a place where you are treated as being a part of it. During your stay, you are the inhabitants of the city, living on the Vrijthof. They supply you the keys for seeing the real city and experiencing a place where you can feel at home. Their comfortable living room overlooking the square is where you can work, enjoy breakfast, read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee or just sit down and wonder.

Their breakfast is personally made and you can tell them your preferences. They present it influenced by their regional producers and underneath two charming glass bells. It can be served at any time of choice and wherever you prefer. May it be in their room, our living room, your private terrace or even their kitchen. You are free to sneak down to their cellar and open your own private wine shelf to taste a selection of wines from the region. You have the opportunity to wind down with a chilled bottle in your suite or room.

They have 6 type of rooms

I chose the Superior Suite!
The name says it all. This suite is superior. The suite is a unique accommodation with its grandeur feel caused by the space, used materials and facilities. The salon room in this suite with Art Deco style is decorated with an old copper fireplace from 1920 and gives you a panoramic view on the Vrijthof. Furthermore, the Superior Suite contains a comfortable fully-equipped kitchen connected to the private green terrace. Two bedrooms are prepared with three comfortable beds in total. There are two bathrooms and one bath. Graceful ornaments and a combination of hardwood floor and stone contribute to make this suite delightfully eccentric and very special.

120 square meters – private salon room – fully equipped kitchen – private terrace – bathroom with bath – copper fireplace – 1 double master bedroom and 1 single bedroom – free internet access – well stocked mini-bar – bathrobe & slippers
The Superior Suite has a private elevator stop in the suite.

No idea what I could expect because they only have 3 pictures of this room on their webpage.
But when I opened the door of the room, one word: AMAZING!
This has nothing to do with a basic hotel, it feels like your own apartment and 120 square meters is not just a basic hotel, isn’t it? This is truly amazing!

The host was really helpful and show us the high topics of Maastricht! He asked us when we would like to have breakfast etc.

After a good sleep in their lovely beds it was time for breakfast at 09.00 AM, they served the breakfast in our room, in our kitchen! Isn’t it fantastic?

I truly recommend you this hotel in Maasticht because this luxury boutique hotel has it all!


Lots of Love,























LindaStyleDiary’s GIVE-A-WAY!



Lieve volgers,

 Jullie kunnen een L’Oréal Professionel Pakket winnen t.w.v. € 100,00!!

Mijn favo kapper doet wederom mee aan de L’Oréal Professionnel Color Contest 2017!
Zij hebben deze prijs al eens eerder gewonnen in 2011!

Wat zou het toch fantastisch zijn als ze dit weer gaan winnen?!

Wat moet je doen om het pakket te winnen?

Stem op Remaiko’s Haircompany via de onderstaande link en wie weet ben jij straks de gelukkige van het mooie L’Oréal Professionel pakket!


Laat in een comment op mijn Instagram foto weten dat je gestemd hebt!


Lots of Love,



Dear followers,

This is your chance to win a L’Oréal Professional Package, ie € 100,00

My favo hairdresser participates the L’Oréal Professional Color Contest 2017!
They have won this price already in 2011!

Wouldn’t it be great that they win again?

What do you have to do to win this package?

Vote for Remaiko’s Haircompany via the mentioned link below and who knows you are the lucky one to receive this beautiful L’Oréal Professional package!


Let me know in a comment on my Instagram pic that you voted!


Lots of Love,


LindaStyleDiary loves BeautyLash


As you probably know, I am not a huge fan of fake stuff regarding beauty. I don’t have gel nails, no extensions, no fake lashes etc. etc. but of course, I like to take care of myself and using good shampoo, good moisturiser, good make-up etc.
I am not colouring my eyebrows or lashes because my lashes are black and my eyebrows have a good colour mixing with my hair, because blond hair with truly black eyebrows doesn’t really look good right?


So this time I had the change to try Beautylash, it’s a yourself colour kit for your eyebrows and lashes.
Gosh, I was nervous!


BeautyLash is produced by the Austrian corporation GWCosmetics, a company full of tradition that has been producing hair tints and hair cosmetics of high quality for over 80 years.

For over 50 years our eyelash- and eyebrow tints have been successful worldwide and have become the international standard for professional tinting and care. The unique effect of RefectoCil has made the product a success internationally – in over 65 countries – and the brand has become the leading brand for eyelash and eyebrow tinting worldwide.

Trend scouting, state of the art formulas, and a creative research and development team are the pillars of the “Private Label Production” of GW Cosmetics. As a full service partner we offer everything from concept realisation to product development to packaging design and marketing support, and we can generate innovative product solutions for your target group. GW Cosmetics is testified as a reliable, competent and dedicated full-service partner for years.

Master Lin, GW Cosmetics’ luxury cosmetics line, is a range of natural cosmetics based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). High quality ingredients like Fine GoldPearl, and hand-picked herbs create harmony between inner well being and outer appearance.

All GW Cosmetics products are produced according to the quality standards of “Good Manufacturing Practice”, GMP.


And there we go, like I told you before I was really nervous because I am not really a make-up or hair artist, not styling my hair of doing my make-up in hours… no I am a girl how quicker the better.
So that’s why I was a little nervous, but after all, it was quick and easy! There were two instructors to help us, so that was a great help. I told them… OK I don’t want to have the black colour please…. But she told me that would be very nice! So I did a mix, between middle brown and black!

But next time I will just choose middle brown because I am not really a big fan of blond hair and dark eyebrows.

A before and after pic.


It’s was really nice to do this test and I am really happy, so girls, don’t spend so much money on this at a beauty salon, you can do this by yourself with BeautyLash!

Shop the products here! 

Lots of Love,






LindaStyleDiary’s Outfit


Yesterday my lovely grandfather became 90 years old!!
Time to meet up with the family and have a delicious  brunch at Hotel/Restaurant Belvédère!

And then, there was the question; WHAT TO WEAR?
The weather forecast was simply amazing: Sun and 22 degrees! Yes, Celsius and no Fahrenheit, otherwise it would be freezing! 😉

Just Be Jolie has it all! Outfit for every single occasion!
I chose a beautiful blue pants from Selected Femme
and combined this with a stunning white blouse from Ydence
and to finish I used the belt from Sojamie and a little scarf as a bracelet.
And of course my Gucci loafers!

Shop this look at Just Be Jolie!

Ready to celebrate the 90th Birthday of my grandfather!

Lots of Love,