LindaStyleDiary loves Hightealicious

Last Friday (the 12th of May) it was my Mothers birthday!
And as you know, last Sunday (the 14th of May) it was Mothersday!

So time for Linda to organise something for her lovely mother!
A high-tea on Saturday!
A perfect day because it was in between the celebration days!

I chose for Hightealicious as this is a stunning place to have a lovely high-tea!

Hightealicious is a tearoom which you can find in the unique 18th century manor house, also a museum, on the harbour at Wolwevershaven number 9 in Dordrecht. Part owner and chef Joan bakes everything fresh every morning and the aroma of the freshly baked scones, soda bread and pastry welcomes you as you enter. Fresh teas have been especially selected for the guests by their tea sommilier.  Apart from their Traditional High Tea they als have a Celebration High Tea for babyshowers, birthdays and hen parties.

Breathtaking view as you enjoy your tea. Hightealicious is situated where three big and one small river meet at one of the busiest shipping points in Europe. 

I am in love with this tea room! It has a stunning view, the service is absolutely perfect and don’t forget about the food, it’s delicious!

I organised this together with my sis!
Mother & daughters high-tea!

We enjoyed it so much especially my mother!

She is the best! My lovely mother with her Indonesian roots! Her love, her support, her lovely food and so much more makes me the happiest kid in the world!

So guys, if you are looking for a special high-tea,

Lots of Love,

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