Well done, you managed to lose her. The one woman who was willing to cross oceans for you.

You pushed away the very person who would do almost anything to be with you. She never asked for anything except one reason to stay, proof that you wanted her and that there would be a future for you both. Alas, you failed to provide that and now, she’s gone.

She didn’t care that you weren’t rich or that you didn’t drive a fancy car, all she wanted was to be your lady. She didn’t care that you had flaws because she had flaws of her own. Weeks of spending time together made her fall for you and yet you chose to remain blind to the fact that she chose you regardless of what her friends were saying. All she ever wanted was for you to return the love which she so freely gave to you.

All you had to do was treat her right, which you did. There was no need for diamonds and roses, candlelit dinners and expensive spoils. She was a simple girl with a big heart whose only desire was to be loved and respected. You loved the fact that you didn’t have to put in effort, you loved the fact that she chose you day after day. All she needed was for you to look at her the same way she looked at you. You became comfortable and that was your mistake. You decided to keep the walls you built around your heart up, never letting her in. You chose to keep her at arm’s length when all she did was ask that you let her in.

She gave you the key to her heart and you chose to take it without anything in return.

You loved the fact that she stayed, even when you told her to go. Truth is, you were scared. Too scared to let her in, maybe it was because you felt vulnerable, or maybe it was because you had been hurt before. Even though she showed you time and time again that she was different, you chose to paint her with the same paint brush you used to paint the women of your past.

She made you a priority when all you did was make her one of your options.

When she gave you her hand you took her arm. You prayed upon her weakness for you and you ended up taking her for granted. She stuck by your side during the darkest of days. She remained faithful to the commitment she made to you, you didn’t care though because you never committed to her. Then, one day you told her to go and she decided enough was enough, she decided to leave forever. Without any contact on all fronts.

She stopped answering your calls, she stopped going to the places you used to go to. You lost her when you decided that she wasn’t good enough and you did that by choosing yourself time and again. Your lack of appreciation and gratitude for her became apparent after she realized that she was fighting for your attention. Well done, you managed to make a woman feel the sting of loneliness whilst in your company. The thing is, no woman will ever treat you the way she did.

She was one of a kind and you chose not to see that.

Now that she’s gone, you’ll be looking for her in every other woman you come across, only thing is, you won’t find her. She was unique, not only because of who she was but because of the way she chose to love you through thick and thin.



LindaStyleDiary’s Summer Sneakers

The Lola sneakers from Michael Kors

Spring is here, Summer is on its way, time to have the perfect sneaker in your closet!
White sneakers are just adorable during summer!
You can wear it with a sporty outfit, a casual outfit but also with an elegant outfit.
It always fits with every single outfit.

Michael Kors sneakers are my favourite and now they’ve got some stunning new sneakers available!
Lola sneakers! 

Awesome Lola sneakers from the new summer collection from Michael Kors! The sneakers have an upper made of white leather and a lining fabric which remains fresh in summer.
The sides are decorated with patent leather flowers, which matches well with the laces and metal logo on the heel!

This is truly my favourite sneaker for summer 2017!

You can choose between 2 different colours!
Michael Kors Lola White Black
Michael Kors Lola Optic Gold

You can order these MK sneakers on:

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I prefer the Black/White edition!

Lots of Love,


LindaStyleDiary loves Ibiza


As you have already read once,

But to be honest, Ibiza is quite nice!

You see so many different people;
From Hippies to Gold diggers
From Gold diggers to Entrepreneurs
From Entrepreneurs to Lazy People
From Lazy People to Party People
From Party People to Couples
From Couples to Single People
From Single  People to Happy Families
The Bloggers and Influencers
The Rich & Famous
You’ll find it all on Ibiza!


Would you like to know where to stay on Ibiza?
Go to Platja d’en Bossa!

Ibiza is famous of their parties!
You have to visit Ushuaia, Pacha, Amnesia and Lío!

Don’t forget the Hippie Market!

Beach clubs during the day are just perfect for relaxing!

Cala Bassa Beach Club Ibiza (CBbC)
Tropicana Beach Club
Nassau Beach Club Ibiza
Blue Marlin Ibiza
The Harbour Club Ibiza
Malibu Beach Club

Although I just mentioned a few Beach Clubs you will find many more on this amazing island!

If you are on Ibiza, you have to go to the island Formentera!
You’ll find  a lot of ferries who will bring you there or you can rent a yacht!

You can find the typical dinners and drinks in Eivissa Old Town!

Lots of Love


Lindastylediary’s Indian Summer

Hi there! We all know that autumn is here and it’s getting darker and colder outside. The trees will lose their leaves and it’s raining a lot. Despite all this, the days can be very nice and beautiful during daytime. Yes guys, only during daytime as the mornings are dark when I wake up and when I am having dinner right now I need to put light on or candles. This is also something nice of course, but the contrast with the summer and fall is nothing for me. The beloved summer days, sun, heat, drinks, BBQ etc. is much more fun isn’t it? But yeah, we must sadly admit to that. I would like to hibernate but that means that I cannot update you guys about all my activities and outfits. So yes, I will make the best of it, we will make the best of it!

Indian Summer, it’s like a farewell to the real summer. So I am going to enjoy it the most, because Winter will be here before you know it!

So go out for a walk during the day, having lunch with your beloved ones, drinking coffees on terraces in the sun, go to the beach with your jacket on and say goodbye to the summer.

Time to put candles on, Netflix and chill, make dinner for your friends, drink wine with them and enjoy this time. Although I hate winter I am secretly looking forward to Christmas.

Lots of love,


Lindastylediary in Majorca

Let me introduce you Majorca. This island is special for me because I used to live there. It’s such a beautiful place and just a 2 hours’ flight from Amsterdam.

My story started there in 2009, a traineeship in Tourism for only 6 months. I started to love this island and the Spanish people. Although, Majorca isn’t that Spanish, it looks like a German or English island because of the Germans or English people who are living there.

After I finished my study, I decided to move to Majorca. I lived there in 2010 and 2011.

Decided to go back to The Netherlands due to missing my family and friends. It was a great experience though.  Once in a while I go back to this special place, every summer and some weekends during the year.

To go back to Majorca is possible because of my lovely parents. This year, beginning of the summer I planned to visit my parents. Normally I go there for 2,5 weeks but this year it wasn’t possible due to my work. Yes, probably you cannot believe it but I am a Financial Credit Analyst for an American company and with the quarter ending in June it was hardly possible to go. But I planned it just for a week now.

And yes, what a surprise. My dear boyfriend was coming for 4 days. Yes, that’s quite short but at least he was there with me to enjoy the lovely weather, beautiful beaches and delicious food.

Arriving early on a Friday morning? Go for lunch to Puro Beach and enjoy the sun on a sunbed. Go for a nice dinner on Friday evening to Las Terrazas del Bendinat, Portals Nous .

To have a lovely lunch and swim on a Saturday? Go to Gran Folies.To party on a Saturday night? Go to Pacha Mallorcaa. To rest and enjoy the day after, on a Sunday, go to Nikki Beach Mallorca. If you would like to know more about places in Majorca, please contact me on the contact button in my main menu.

Lots of Love,