Well done, you managed to lose her. The one woman who was willing to cross oceans for you.

You pushed away the very person who would do almost anything to be with you. She never asked for anything except one reason to stay, proof that you wanted her and that there would be a future for you both. Alas, you failed to provide that and now, she’s gone.

She didn’t care that you weren’t rich or that you didn’t drive a fancy car, all she wanted was to be your lady. She didn’t care that you had flaws because she had flaws of her own. Weeks of spending time together made her fall for you and yet you chose to remain blind to the fact that she chose you regardless of what her friends were saying. All she ever wanted was for you to return the love which she so freely gave to you.

All you had to do was treat her right, which you did. There was no need for diamonds and roses, candlelit dinners and expensive spoils. She was a simple girl with a big heart whose only desire was to be loved and respected. You loved the fact that you didn’t have to put in effort, you loved the fact that she chose you day after day. All she needed was for you to look at her the same way she looked at you. You became comfortable and that was your mistake. You decided to keep the walls you built around your heart up, never letting her in. You chose to keep her at arm’s length when all she did was ask that you let her in.

She gave you the key to her heart and you chose to take it without anything in return.

You loved the fact that she stayed, even when you told her to go. Truth is, you were scared. Too scared to let her in, maybe it was because you felt vulnerable, or maybe it was because you had been hurt before. Even though she showed you time and time again that she was different, you chose to paint her with the same paint brush you used to paint the women of your past.

She made you a priority when all you did was make her one of your options.

When she gave you her hand you took her arm. You prayed upon her weakness for you and you ended up taking her for granted. She stuck by your side during the darkest of days. She remained faithful to the commitment she made to you, you didn’t care though because you never committed to her. Then, one day you told her to go and she decided enough was enough, she decided to leave forever. Without any contact on all fronts.

She stopped answering your calls, she stopped going to the places you used to go to. You lost her when you decided that she wasn’t good enough and you did that by choosing yourself time and again. Your lack of appreciation and gratitude for her became apparent after she realized that she was fighting for your attention. Well done, you managed to make a woman feel the sting of loneliness whilst in your company. The thing is, no woman will ever treat you the way she did.

She was one of a kind and you chose not to see that.

Now that she’s gone, you’ll be looking for her in every other woman you come across, only thing is, you won’t find her. She was unique, not only because of who she was but because of the way she chose to love you through thick and thin.



My Regret Isn’t That I Loved You, It’s That I Forgot To Love Myself

I won’t deny that I was madly and deeply in love with you. Being with you was the most passionate romance of my life. I was completely enamored with you, captivated by how wonderful I believed that you were. If I had known then how blind I really was, maybe I would have saved myself so much heartache.

I don’t have many regrets about our relationship, and I certainly don’t regret us being together. There is, however, one thing I wish I could have changed. My regret isn’t that I loved you, it’s that I forgot to love myself when I was with you.

Finding You Wasn’t a Mistake
Honestly, I’m glad I met you. Despite how things turned out, I have so many happy memories from our time together. The universe has a plan for us all and I know that you came into my life for a reason.

What was a mistake though, was the way that meeting you changed me.
I let myself become consumed with you.
In my mind, you were the most amazing person that I’d ever met. Because of that, I gave myself entirely to you. I centered my whole life around yours just because of the sparks that I felt when we first met.

Choosing You Wasn’t a Mistake
I followed my heart when it came to you and I will never regret that. When my heart told me that you were the one for me, I listened. Listening to my instinct is not something that I will ever apologize for, even if my instinct was wrong.

Despite that, I did mess up in one way. Yes, I chose you as the person that I wanted to be with, but it didn’t end there. I chose you over me. Instead of remembering to look after myself as well as having you around, all I thought about was you.
I let my own needs go unfulfilled just because I wanted you.

Thank you for not having contact because now I realize how much I still love you by loving myself.

Lots of Love


LindaStyleDiary – Por Arriesgarnos

Logo 1

Por arriesgarlo todo amor
Por liberarnos y crecer
Por aventarnos y volar
Por eso y este gran amor
Y tú eres una bendición

Por todo lo que es mi verdad
Y porque ahora somos dos
Las almas se pueden juntar
Y los espiritus bailar, jugando a nuestro alrededor

Amemonos despacio sin excusas
Que tú y yo quisimos, ven detras de mí
No queda nada mas que amarte
Y si en todo apareces tu, no queda nada mas que amarte
Nada más que amarte

Amemonos despacio sin excusas
Que tu y yo quisimos, ven detras de mí
El alma estalla en mil pedazos si tú estás conmigo

Y de tu mano aprenderé
Que mis sentidos sean tu voz
A darte fuerza y no caer
A que mi hogar sea tu piel
Ya que tu vida es mi razón

Por intentarlo todo amor
Por liberarnos




Lots of Love,



LindaStyleDiary’s GIVE-A-WAY!



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Lindastylediary loves Lisbon

Looking for the perfect city trip? Go to Lisbon!

Last year it was the first time for me that I have visited Lisbon! Love at first sight! What a lovely city!

As you can read in one of my previous blogs I’ve been to Rome earlier that year and you can’t compare those two cities. Rome has a lot of history and culture.

The question was; Rome or Lisbon?
Rome is beautiful with her culture but Lisbon was more fun! Especially during the evening  with restaurants, bars and clubs.

Last year in September it was just a short break from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Too short to visit Lisbon.

So I decided to book Lisbon again but than from Friday morning until Monday morning!
If you are a  seafood lover, you are at the right spot!

Last year we stayed in the Borges Chiado Hotel. This year we have our own Apartment!!

Can’t wait to spend the weekend in Lisbon!
Great atmosphere, lovely food and the best travel buddy!

Lots of Love,