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It’s time for knitwear! Autumn is on its way so who doesn’t want to have this lovely cardigan? It’s a handmade cardigan made by the brand LOD! This stunning girl makes every item unique because she is making it with a lot of passion and you’ll find that back in every item what she has made. So to introduce you to this amazing brand, I give you 10% off on every order. Just use the code ‘LINDA’ and you will receive your 10% discount! Please go to LOD and you will find the webshop there to order this amazing cardigan or other great things! Enjoy!

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Lindastylediary for Bracket Bracelets

My lovely boyfriend gave me a Bracket bracelet, the brown gemstone bracelet filled with 18kt gold and a 18kt gold skull. This bracelet suits every outfit and it fits with all my different watches.

This beautiful bracelet is the ‘Stone Ladies – Tiger Eye Gold’

After that moment, Bracket contacted me if I would like to do the collaborations for them. They sent me this amazing light blue bracelet also filled with 18kt Gold and a bead from Swarovski, this is the new collection. If you would like to have it with the 18kt gold skull, named ‘Stone Ladies – Turquoise Gold’ you can order it on the website of  Bracket.

But what is so amazing of this brand? You can create your own Bracket bracelet! Go to Bracket and you have three options how you would like to have your bracelet: Create Stone, Create Luxury and Create Exclusive.

Want to see more pictures, you’ll find the gallery on the website of Bracket.

Bracket instagram

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Meet @lindastylediary

Hi guys!

To have a quick look in what I’m exactly doing, please go to my instagram account @lindastylediary. I love fashion, love to travel and I am in love with food!

Now is the time for writing about the things I am doing instead of just pictures on instagram.
In this blog I will keep you informed about my outfits, shopping, fashion, restaurants, travel and many other lifestyle things.

I hope you are going to enjoy it!

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