LindaStyleDiary loves Anna van Toor

I love fashion, the perfect styling of it and good service.
All the above you’ll find this at Anna van Toor.

The women play here the leading role and we love that, isn’t it ladies?

The stores are spread throughout the country, but my preference is for the store in Gorinchem. I know the people, the service is great and not to mention,  Annette van Toor is there as well and she is awesome !!

In the world of Anna van Toor …

… women play the lead and style is the binding factor. Their collections are therefore designed for the stylish, sporty and contemporary women in The Netherlands. Anna van Toor’s history dates back to 1918 and since 1999 they have designed women’s fashion under their own brand Anna. In the meantime, the 3rd generation is moving and Anna van Toor is moving forward at full speed. Quality, customer focus and responsibility are paramount to Anna van Toor and these values are felt in all aspects of their company. At Anna van Toor, fashion goes beyond temporary trends, they offer the customer a unique style.

It’s not only clothing, they also have some lovely shoes!
I can truly spend the whole day in the store and enjoy all the fashion items there.
Also because of their beautiful design at their coffee corner.
It called the ‘Dutch Design’

Don’t forget to bring your family and friends, because there is something for everyone!

Enjoy your shopping ladies!
And don’t forget, it’s SALE!

Lots of Love,



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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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