Minnie’s Birthday Sunday!

5Yesterday my little niece became 3 years old!
We had just a little party because we will celebrate it the end of April because my sweet sis gave birth last Friday of the pretty ‘Beau Noëlle’
So everything was quite busy but not to forget my little niece Rosa we had some lovely presents and cake!
And as you can see, she is in love with Minnie Mouse!

So the 23th of April we have the BIG PARTY from ‘Rosalina Maria’ and ‘Beau Noëlle’
Don’t miss the next Party Blog!

You can shop the above party collection at Modemusthaves! 

Isn’t she pretty? This little mini fashionista?

And, here is the beautiful ‘Beau Noëlle’


Don’t forget the beautiful flowers and decoration!

I have my Sunday well spent! I hope you guys too!!

Lots of Love,


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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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