LindaStyleDiary’s Summer Sneakers

The Lola sneakers from Michael Kors

Spring is here, Summer is on its way, time to have the perfect sneaker in your closet!
White sneakers are just adorable during summer!
You can wear it with a sporty outfit, a casual outfit but also with an elegant outfit.
It always fits with every single outfit.

Michael Kors sneakers are my favourite and now they’ve got some stunning new sneakers available!
Lola sneakers! 

Awesome Lola sneakers from the new summer collection from Michael Kors! The sneakers have an upper made of white leather and a lining fabric which remains fresh in summer.
The sides are decorated with patent leather flowers, which matches well with the laces and metal logo on the heel!

This is truly my favourite sneaker for summer 2017!

You can choose between 2 different colours!
Michael Kors Lola White Black
Michael Kors Lola Optic Gold

You can order these MK sneakers on:

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Deze diashow vereist JavaScript.

I prefer the Black/White edition!

Lots of Love,


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