Lindastylediary’s Winter Wardrobe

One month of 2017 has been gone!
Welcome February! 
After New Years Eve the summer countdown has begun. Unfortunately we still have some winter months to go. So, we still need to wear winter clothes. OK, I prefer summer clothes but with the fashion items from the winter is getting more fun!

Cardigans, Knitwear, Boots, Hats, Faux Fur etc. sound great right?

Below you’ll find my favourite fashion items from this amazing fashion brand!

My favourite outfit from SheIn

Black and some colours are great right? So this is the perfect combination.

Shop the items here: 
Black Fringe Knit Dress
Colourblock Jacket
Black Hat
Black Furry Loafers

Gray and Green

This Gray jackets with yellow and green stripes is the finishing touch for every outfit.
Combine this with the beautiful green suede loafers.

Shop the items here:
Gray Paint Stroke Jacket
Green Furry Slipper

Ibiza Winter Look

OK, as we can’t wait for summer we have to ‘wear’ summer. So this Ibiza/Boho style is the perfect combination for the winter.

Shop the items here:
Camel Boho Jacket
Boho/Ibiza Winter Dress

A plaid jacket suit any outfit!

Fringe Dress again! But this time with the plaid jacket! As you can see it combines perfect!

Shop the items here:
Plaid Jacket
Black Fringe Knit Dress

Green is cool!

It looks like a skirt but it’s a dress! How easy is that?
Style this dress with the green furry slippers and the black hat!

Shop the items here:
Plaid Combo Dress
Green Furry Slipper

Last but not least, don’t forget blue!

Blue fits with every hair colour. Blonde, Brunette or Black it doesn’t matter!

Shop the items here:
Blue Blouse Dress
Blue Velvet Zipper Booties


US$5 off ORDERS US$55 (Code MINE5)
US$15 off ORDERS US$105 (Code MINE15)
US$40 off ORDERS US$200 (Code MINE40)


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