The past

I remember the time when I was younger. Didn’t like my schoolbooks and prefer to hang out with my friends and prefer to play football.

My parents used to buy every 3 years a brand new car. ‘Oh daddy that’s a nice car!’ My father used to say: certificates Linda, certificates. And that time I could hated him! The only thing I thought was ‘Shut Up!’
I did always the opposite way of what my parents were telling me but there are 2 things what will remain. ‘If you ever get pregnant while you are at school, I won’t be there for you and kick you out of school and you’ll work fulltime in the supermarket’ and if you every use drugs you will become like those stupids’ here in this small village and you will have nothing.’ Those 2 things will remain.

I studied Toerism and Leisure Management and we could do one of our traineeships abroad. I said to myself I want to do that, but what if you have a boyfriend at that time? You will be away for 6 months? I don’t care! If he’s worth it, he will wait and I want to do this!

The most of the time you see that children will do the same work as their parents. But when I asked my father to work in the company he told me no and the ‘certificates’ was there again. You have to do it yourself and you have to look what you really want to do.

I was much better in my languages then my economics. But unfortunately I had the economics at school and had to write my own business plan. Numbers, current ratio, liquidity budget, operating budget etc. I didn’t understand a shit from it… my father had to explain it to me like 3 times… He gets impatient that time… which makes sense though, and I was yelling: ‘I have certainly the stupidity of mom!!’ OK, I never have seen him so angry! He stood up and walked away and said. Mom is the best and probably you have to stupidity from yourself.
WOW! If I look back now, how many men would be there just laughing and make their wife ridiculous? WOW dad you rock!!!

My parents paid everything for me, my driving lessons, my school, health insurance, mobile contract, clothes etc. etc. but my parents always told me when I turned 16, time to find a job next to your study.
School, work, sports, friends, family… everything together!

My parents were always there for me, even when I moved to Spain and lived there for 2 years. They paid everything, also my Spanish lessons etc. etc.
I did everything, nothing hold me back. Bye Holland, Hello Spain. Had a wonderful time over there and after two years I returned back to Holland.

OK? What’s next, Toerism? No I am sick of the complaining Dutch people, I was a smiling and enjoying life girl, happy with everything. Time for a change! Started to work in Credit Management, did a study and now I am still working in Finance!

I am a hard working girl, you can see that in my energy. I will do everything possible to get everything done in what I want. Because sitting still you achieve anything in your life.
Look back and see where you started, did everything on my own with some advice from my parents and I have to thank them for that!

Of course, I was the party girl when I was younger, dance, drink, no sleep. Especially when I worked as a hostess in Mallorca. Been there done that.
And now you see that 2 drinks are enough for me, hanging out with friends, work hard. Of course the motto Work Hard, Play Hard is still there. But not that I am getting wasted like a little girl from 20 years old. I became a little bit more serious because I have done drinking and dancing all night already.
It’s for those who didn’t experience it the same as I did. Because guys… if you are drinking and dancing and no sleep and working 70 hours a week and waking up every day with a crazy hangover and that for 7 months in a row.  I guaranty that you will say: ‘Been there, done that’

When I was 18, my parents gave me a very old car. ‘It’s good to learn driving Linda.’ I can’t forget that smell of the car! Because I am used to the smell of brand new cars, knowing that you are the first driver. So when I came back in Holland in 2012 I bought a brand new car and Oh I was so happy and proud! In 2015 I wanted a Fiat500 and I bought a brand new one with leather. So happy as a crazy kiddo!

If I look back, I can see that I became a strong woman and an independent woman. Because everything I did in life, I did it myself with some advice from my parents. And although you know what you don’t have to do the same as your parents and what you have to do the same as your parents.

Lost my one and only grandmother in 2012, what a loss. My mother lost her mother when she was 25 years old. I never knew her sadly. After a few years my mother lost her father. I never knew him sadly. So I had only 1 grandmother and 1 grandfather. When I was born and my sister was 4 years old, my mother got cancer. Imagine, 26 years ago they did not have the technologies that they have now. My father took care of my mother and was all the time in the Hospital and having 2 babies at home. What a job, dad and mom! Luckily we had a dear grandparents. But in 2012 I’ve lost my sweet grandmother. She always wanted to come to Majorca to visit me but it was too much for her.
My mother called me around noon that grandmother passed away. I couldn’t believe it! My mother was at home my father was for business in Leeuwarden, my sister was at the Dominican Republic for her Honeymoon. I drove back home immediately and my father as well. It took him 2 hours to get home and imagine the feeling: lost your mother.
And then I saw this man crying and crying for the first time of my life. My grandfather was lost. He didn’t know what to do and then you realise that you can count on your family.
Imagine the time for my mother…. losing your parents while you are 25 years old…
WoW! My parents are the strongest persons in the world and I become like them!

And I can say about my parents, that’s true love. Because in 2014 my mom had a stroke and she couldn’t walk and couldn’t eat. While it’s was a strong and good woman in taking care of my father, my sister and I and now we had to take care of her! That’s hurts to see your mother like that!
And my father said always: work and money is important but you could see that he made all the time of the world to take care of my mother and drove her like 4 times in the week to the hospital. Of course, if he had important meetings, my sister and I were there for my mother!

And then you can say… it doesn’t matter how much money you have, my mother will not get better.
And I know straight away that you have to surround yourself with people like my caring father. Because it’s them who you can count on and at that moment, work isn’t that important. But how many man will just go away and put work on number 1?

You can learn from all the people you know and the people you just have met.
I truly have to thank my parents, in what strong woman I have become. In June 2017 I will buy my own house and then everything is done and I did it all myself.

Look back guys… to your past and where you stand now.

It’s not for those who had back-up people to get you there where you stand now. No it’s for those who did it all themselves and doing things in life what they want to do instead of following one of your parents or friends.

I want to thank my lovely family and my lovely friends and the people I have met along the way.

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