Lindastylediary & KENZOxHM

Thursday the 3rd of November ’16, woke up at 07:30 in the morning.
Turned on my laptop, grab my iPhone and iPad and opened the H&M site and app.

Yes, I was ready for it! But then at 8:00 AM, I was already placed in a queue. OMG how is that possible?
I really wanted to have two items from the Kenzo collection.  Luckily I was in Rotterdam (Kop van Zuid) so I was able to go to the store.

A quick shower, put some nice clothes on and ready for shopping. I thought the opening hours from the store was at 09:30, arrived there around 09:00 and the store was already open! Happy me!!

So happy that it wasn’t that busy! So I had the space and the time to do my shopping.

I have the Black Jersey with patches and I have the Silk Blouse and it’s amazing!

Thank you very much H&M for working again with Kenzo!

Lots of Love,

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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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