Lindastylediary loves SUSHI


I can eat this delicious food every day without getting bored of it.
Nowadays you have a lot of sushi restaurants and a lot of ‘All you can eat’ concepts.

But there is a difference between sushi and good sushi.
The ‘All you can eat’ sushi is great but please keep in mind that it’s just a factory.
SumoShabu Shabu and SushiPoint is just perfect for sushi at home or ‘All you can eat’  but if you really want to have good sushi please make sure that you go to a good restaurant of a good Japanese restaurant.

What I recommend is ‘The Harbour Club’, ‘Ono Japanese Dining’ or ‘Aqua Asia Club’ in Rotterdam.
And for ordering sushi at home? SushiPoint!

The best sushi I’ve ever eaten was at OKKU in Dubai. A very exclusive restaurant which is also quite expensive but yes, usually good sushi is quite expensive.

Yes, you can wake me up in the middle of the night for sushi!

Lots of Love,

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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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