Lindastylediary’s Indian Summer

Hi there! We all know that autumn is here and it’s getting darker and colder outside. The trees will lose their leaves and it’s raining a lot. Despite all this, the days can be very nice and beautiful during daytime. Yes guys, only during daytime as the mornings are dark when I wake up and when I am having dinner right now I need to put light on or candles. This is also something nice of course, but the contrast with the summer and fall is nothing for me. The beloved summer days, sun, heat, drinks, BBQ etc. is much more fun isn’t it? But yeah, we must sadly admit to that. I would like to hibernate but that means that I cannot update you guys about all my activities and outfits. So yes, I will make the best of it, we will make the best of it!

Indian Summer, it’s like a farewell to the real summer. So I am going to enjoy it the most, because Winter will be here before you know it!

So go out for a walk during the day, having lunch with your beloved ones, drinking coffees on terraces in the sun, go to the beach with your jacket on and say goodbye to the summer.

Time to put candles on, Netflix and chill, make dinner for your friends, drink wine with them and enjoy this time. Although I hate winter I am secretly looking forward to Christmas.

Lots of love,


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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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