Lindastylediary in Majorca

Let me introduce you Majorca. This island is special for me because I used to live there. It’s such a beautiful place and just a 2 hours’ flight from Amsterdam.

My story started there in 2009, a traineeship in Tourism for only 6 months. I started to love this island and the Spanish people. Although, Majorca isn’t that Spanish, it looks like a German or English island because of the Germans or English people who are living there.

After I finished my study, I decided to move to Majorca. I lived there in 2010 and 2011.

Decided to go back to The Netherlands due to missing my family and friends. It was a great experience though.  Once in a while I go back to this special place, every summer and some weekends during the year.

To go back to Majorca is possible because of my lovely parents. This year, beginning of the summer I planned to visit my parents. Normally I go there for 2,5 weeks but this year it wasn’t possible due to my work. Yes, probably you cannot believe it but I am a Financial Credit Analyst for an American company and with the quarter ending in June it was hardly possible to go. But I planned it just for a week now.

And yes, what a surprise. My dear boyfriend was coming for 4 days. Yes, that’s quite short but at least he was there with me to enjoy the lovely weather, beautiful beaches and delicious food.

Arriving early on a Friday morning? Go for lunch to Puro Beach and enjoy the sun on a sunbed. Go for a nice dinner on Friday evening to Las Terrazas del Bendinat, Portals Nous .

To have a lovely lunch and swim on a Saturday? Go to Gran Folies.To party on a Saturday night? Go to Pacha Mallorcaa. To rest and enjoy the day after, on a Sunday, go to Nikki Beach Mallorca. If you would like to know more about places in Majorca, please contact me on the contact button in my main menu.

Lots of Love,


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Fashion & Interior Stylist based in The Netherlands.

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